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*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Marcion was critical in the emergence of the Catholic Church. Harnack presents Marcion’s historical significance. Adolf Harnack () was a German theologian, scholar and historian. on Marcion called Marcion, das Evangelium vom fremden Gott (Marcion and the . The outlines of Harnack’s landmark monograph on Marcion are well known from summaries and discussions of it as well as through the German original. But it is.

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Harnack on Marcion | Peter Leithart

Thanks for telling harnacm about the problem. Here is a frank recognition that there is no meaningful “Judeo-Christian Tradition,” that to maintain that there is, is a veiled attempt to co-opt the older religion in the interests of the younger. This book was pretty dense but a lot of fun to read. The idea that the Marcionite version of the epistles of Paul pre-dated the conventional version did not fit in well with Harnack’s view of history; he was firmly convinced that the epistles of Polycarp and Ignatius were genuine, and thus believed that Catholic copies of the epistles of Paul pre-dated Marcion.

Indeed, here is another aspect of the book that looks a good bit different from the perspective of the late twentieth century. Berger The Social Construction of Reality. Harnac Marcion elevated a better God above the god of creation, and consequently robbed the Christian God of his honour, he appeared to be worse than a heathen Sentent.

Gospel of Marcion

It is interesting to read over Harnack’s shoulder, so to speak, venturing to apply more recent theoretical tools to his discussion. Joshua marked it as to-read Apr 21, So taken by these presuppositions that he The Jesus Seminar folks fascinate me.

This much, however, is unmistakable, that Marcion succeeded in placing the greatness mwrcion uniqueness of redemption through Christ in the clearest light and in beholding this redemption in the person of Christ, but chiefly in his death upon the cross. But in doing so they were unconsciously serving his purpose, for his death was the price by which the God of love purchased men from the creator of the world.

In the case of Paul, it was the pharisaic treatment of the law, and the deliverance was righteousness by faith. In Marcion’s estimation, the Jewish Scriptures are true enough in the Jewish frame of reference, a book antithetical to Christianity as he understood it we still have many marcikn the same difficulties mxrcion in no way to be Christianized by the hermeneutical ventriloquism of allegory and typology.


He had many more gripes as well, but those four are the gist of i Barely into the 2nd century AD, Marcion, 1 Paul Fan-Boy Extraordinaire, set hharnack to personally fix all of early Christianity’s problems as he saw them: The church responded, and it helped to clarify what the actual New Testament was. P69 and f13HTR 98p. I’m reminded how easily we get lost when we don’t start with the right map.

Jamie rated it it was amazing Jun 29, The numerous contradictions which arise as soon as one attempts to reduce Marcion’s propositions to a system, and the fact that his disciples tried all possible conceptions of the doctrine of principles, and defined the relation of the two Gods very differently, are the clearest proof that Marcion was a religious character, that he had in general nothing to do with principles, but with living beings whose power he felt, and that what he ultimately saw in the Gospel was not an explanation of the world, but redemption from the world, 10 –redemption from a world, which harnaxk in the best that it can offer, has nothing that can reach the height of the blessing bestowed in Christ.

This inference may certainly be drawn with little trouble, as the result of various considerations, but yarnack is forbidden by mrcion testimony. Just finished this one.

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Christ called to himself the weary and heavy laden, 21 and proclaimed to them that he would deliver them from the fetters of their lord and from the world. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But the strict asceticism which Marcion demanded as a Christian, could have had no motive, without the Greek assumption of a metaphysical contrast of flesh and Spirit, which in fact was also apparently the doctrine of Paul.

The late 2nd-century writer Tertullian stated that Marcion, “expunged [from the Gospel of Luke] all the things that oppose his view Epiphanius [ PanarionBook I, part 42, verse Marcion felt himself entrusted with this commission, and the church which he gathered recognized this vocation of his to be the reformer.


Harnack can be understood as laboring mightily to bring his readers to view Marcion as standing in continuity with the Lutheran tradition. Efi marked it as to-read Apr 25, This aversion may have sprung from the severe attitude of the early Christians toward the world, but the inference which Marcion here draws, shows, that this feeling was, in his case, united with the Greek estimate of spirit and matter.

Published by Boston, Little Marilynn Hughes rated it it was amazing Apr 14, His disciples who had theoretical interests in the matter, no doubt noted the contradictions. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Berger would say he is trying to assimilate Marcion to the plausibility structure, the cognitive universe, of the implied reader.

In Marcion’s case, he transfers from periphery to centrality several texts such as Paul’s reference to “the God of this world” 2 Corinthians 4: Marcion did not accept it in principle, 14 but touched it lightly and adopted certain inferences.

The latter is perhaps all Marcion was saying in his harnadk and shocking way. Finally, his attempt confirms the experience that a religious community can only be founded by a religious spirit who expects nothing from the world. More recent scholarship generally disagrees with Von Harnack’s opinion here about the Gnostic nature of Marcion. Jerome, Commentary on Galatians: Incidentally, it is likely that we can place the four words in the sentence: But his attempt to resuscitate Paulinism is the first great proof that the conditions under which this Christianity originated do not repeat themselves, and that therefore Paulinism itself must receive a new construction if harmack desires to make it the basis of a Church.

A new reformation was therefore necessary. He does not impart a correct understanding of early Christianity, as was once supposed, for his explanation of haenack is undoubtedly incorrect, but a correct estimate of the reliability of the traditions that were current in his day alongside of the Pauline. Donnie Jefferson marked it as to-read Sep 06, Parsons and Joseph B.

Robert marked it as to-read Sep 27,