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Set measures and limits. Distinguish things and then join them together. Deliberate and measure. Use your inner power to move people. Do not over or under. I Ching Hexagram One hesitates to ask others to accept the fatigue, so they finish the preparation with the most capable. 60 — Restrictive Regulations — HEXAGRAM NUMBER SIXTY RESTRICTIVE REGULATIONS. Other titles: Limitation, Restraint, Regulations, Articulating.

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Don’t tread in their special space. When his will bids circumstances and environment change, then accept the change, not before. If the limitations are overwhelming, no action will be taken.

Get rid of causes for conflict. To live a life of leisure before having contributed to society; to act willfully and selfishly in violation of reasonable rules and customs; to defy social conventions for the thrill of doing so — these are excesses that lead to seriously unfavorable consequences. Chong is too weak to feed their group chjng they prepare to remedy their addiction.

Sometimes, however, a certain strictness may be called for to protect oneself from temptation, guilt or regret — or to preserve something very valuable.

Ordinary people insist that their lives are ordered by the intelligent exercise of free will, but this “freedom” is more commonly just a rationalization for the activity of autonomous complexes. Gather the armies and launch an expedition 7.


Stay within the limits and collect your strength quietly. Give up your bitterness and the cause for sorrow will disappear.

I Ching Hexagram 60

Even with firmness and correctness there will be evil. The Work can become an impossible burden unless one learns how to approach stress and hardship with an almost irreverent sense of humor.

If you hesitate when the time is right, you will miss your hexagrams entirely. He does not go beyond the entrance hall of his house.

I Ching Hexagram #60:

When Limitations and restrictions are necessary, take them upon yourself first. Collective human experience on this planet is determined by the whims of archetypal forces expressing themselves through the unconscious psyches of six-billion people.

You have a great opportunity and you need to see it clearly. Unlock the secrets of today’s hexagram. Through these crossings or joints, the energy that animates the Myriad Beings condenses and displays itself as symbols xiangsymbols of transformation that give access to primal energy of the Way, joyous words from the other shore.

It would be wise to take action in precisely the right measure. Distinguish things and then join them together. He knows what can be done and what cannot be. Joyously turn these units and sections into a harmonious whole and a deep rhythm in which each thing has its place.

An image of self-caused misfortune. You are limiting yourself, but it is OK. See what energy and resources are available. Avoid it, do not take it, turn your back on it, pass it by. Galling limitation must not be persevered in.


I Ching Hexagram Limit – One does not go further. | Taoscopy

You will do nothing but harm. Sit tight and accept the limitations of the situation. Line 5 One discovers without help a new way to make the necessary, so they are recognized. No one is to blame. Peaceful discipline is developmental. Even limitation must be limited, so that in the effort to bring order and direction into your life, you do not choke off vital sources of enthusiasm and hexagra,a. The Image The old character ii two bamboo segments and a person charged with ritual responsibility kneeling in front of a vessel full of cooked food.

When crystallization is achieved, renunciations, privations, and sacrifices are no longer necessary. He does not waste energy in useless struggles, but directs it effectively to solving the problem at hand. He does not exert his authority rashly. Aim for a middle way between discipline and freedom of spirit.

Take in the lessons of the past.

Let go of what you habitually depend on. Painful regulation bodes ill if persisted in.