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A simple function generator circuit with diagram and schematics using ICL, which is a pulse generator IC which generates waveforms of. About the ICL Introduction. The is a function generator capable of producing sine, square, triangular, sawtooth and pulse waveforms (some at. This is the Mini function generator circuit using ICL IC-number. (Precision Waveform Generator/ Voltage Controlled Oscillator) It will generate output 3 the.

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In some way the quality of other waveforms is dependent on the load on this pin. Shop around – prices vary widely! Varying the resistance using this will reduce the distortion in the output sine wave.

It features sine, triangle and square wave outputs. A 1k Potentiometer RV3 is equal to alter the duty cycle of the obtained waveform.

Offset, amplitude, and frequency scales are pretty accurate.

Function Generator

Sinusoidal and triangular waveforms will be passed nice, but we can forget about the square. Notify of all new follow-up comments Notify of new replies to all my comments. Once the symmetry is good across the frequency range of the audio generator, R21 is used to trim the distortion of the sine wave to the lowest possible level.

The following two tabs change content below. All it needed was a good coach, someone habitual enough to pluck it off the bench and force it to run wind sprints, stair laps and line drills.


Ocl8038 output waveforms can be both amplitude and frequency modulated.

ICL8038 Function Generator

It is an irreplaceable tool for troubleshooting and repairing electronic equipment by determining performance and health of electrolytic capacitors. Arduino Prototype uses all standard through-hole components for easy construction, two of which are hidden underneath IC socket.

It should be noted that you will probably want to use a good quality pot for R25, the Coarse control. While listening to the sine output and watching it on a scope, adjust R21 Sine Distortion Trim for minimal harmonic distortion.

Adjust R23 Min to give 20 Hz. On this page you will find complete plans for the function generator – a schematic, a PCB layout, and plans for a nice, spiffy case to put it in. Rising edge depends only on the pull-up resistor and its growing very slowly. After that, Thomas took that basic circuit and created this generaator improved and superior design.

Function Generator Circuit using ICL Pulse Generator IC

A great group of guys, including TH himself, are known to hang out there. Gemerator you peruse the schematic, you’ll find the typical elegant economy of of a very effective design that is Thomas’ virtual trademark. I’d say your best bet for the is BGMicro a very cool little outfit that supplies all kinds of spiffy stuff for this obsession of ours.


Latest posts by Frank Donald see all. That alone catapaulted the from mediocrity to true A Number One function generator-hood. Thomas Genetator just doesn’t give up on an IC. The ICL has to be operated from a dual power supply.

Additionally In my version of device i added the input mode for the meter, which can be selected on the range switch, and the output connector can be used to measure external signals.

Function Generator Circuit admin November 9, 22 Comments. Square output pin 9 with open collector, normally would never be able to give a good square wave at these frequencies. A LM gfnerator not even worth of bother.

Here, i fixed the square wave with a comparator so that the slope is pretty steep, steep as applied comparator can give.

Voltage transformer should have a 2x14V minimum to allow the proper operation of and stabilizers. That allows you to put it on your bench top and use it to test your audio circuitry.

Was actually searching for a veractor circuit. For a while, unauthorized PCBs for the earlier version were sold, until Coach Henry spotted the rogue board and put it to an abrupt end.