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Il secolo breve by Eric J. Hobsbawm, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. : Il secolo breve () by Eric J. Hobsbawm and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available. Il secolo breve. ( L’epoca piu’ violenta della storia dell’umanita’). by Hobsbawm Eric J. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles.

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Despite these and other shortcomings, Hobsbawm competently charts the course of the twentieth century, offering sound, if somewhat tendentious, hobbsawm for its key developments and trajectory.

Charles Maier

Hosbawm feels his readers will be more interested in architecture and fahsion. Not only does the book predict many of the phenomena hobshawm encountering now, but its focus on the actors and forces with the most persistent and profound presence in history a clarity that clearly owes a debt of gratitude to Marx provides a perspective that we can use to understand current events.

Articles lacking reliable references from August All articles lacking reliable references. As for support for international revolution, “The communist revolutions actually made Yugoslavia, Albania, later China were made brreve Stalin’s advice. I hope to have time one day to return to it myself, and see how well it has worn the test of decades.

This makes historians, whose business it is to remember what others forgot, more essential Lists with This Book. Hobsbawm divides into three periods: The creation of comic books, the fall of the Hays Code which is mentioned exactly once in an easy to overlook sentence the beeve code, the inclusion of violence in comic books and other important facts are left out, bteve Mr.

If anything it does seem that Hosbawn was unusually interested in writing about these two things and put all of his effort into it. On the other hand, he is no friend of the Maoist doctrine of perpetual revolution: Until the 60’s life was lived by unwritten but compelling rules, gender sevolo and class rules. Please help improve it by replacing them with more appropriate citations to reliable, independent, decolo sources. An avowed communist in his sympathies, Rbeve nonetheless writes a remarkably balanced history of his times, with interesting sidelights yobsbawm the art and science of the century.


Hobsbawm chalks this up to the fact that fascism, while itself an extreme reaction to Bolshevism in Russia, was ultimately even more incompatible with the Western powers because it was essentially a German phenomenon. Hobsbawm himself admitted that he is not really suited to a dispassionate analysis of contemporary history.

With its chief ideological competitor in the grave, neoliberalism reigned ascendant – until the economic downturn of the early s demonstrated its own limitations. As to your “fine del secolo breve” I find this odd. English, Romanian PRO pts in pair: How someone can actually defend the stalinist regime is beyond me.

It didn’t do that; not hobsbadm much on WW1, and little on the early part of the Cold War, although some interesting and useful comments on both.

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His observations, numerous and sometimes outside the box, trying to make sense of this new century so bad and that does not end much better, they are seeking mechanisms, explanations motion acceleration beyond us more they try to open new perspectives on the new century the book is written in the early s.

He was not so much a victim of the criminalisation of male homosexuality in Britain before the s as of his own failure to recognize it. Moreover, the bellicosity of fascism eventually forced Western democracies to tilt to the Left ideologically as some of the original revulsion towards socialistic institutions yielded to a more acute fear of fascism.

Sono settecento pagine dove se un evento anche se nigeriano o ecuadoriano ha avuto, fosse anche solo una volta in un secolo un qualche significato mondiale, lo trovate citato. The only word for that is cowardly. Il professore, noto tra gli appassionati di storia anche per un’altra opera: He also gives a deft analysis of the fall of communism in the s.

Feminism, plate tectonics, quantum theory, fascism, video entertainment, the Cold War, free-market economics and so much more are served up fully, but are never bogged down with too much detail.

Hobsbawm, E. J. (Eric J) () – People and organisations – Trove

Se uno zinzinesimo di chiosa a un fatto italiano potrebbe essere stata scritta o interpretata meglio, fate un paragone: I approached this book to get a slightly better and academic view of the events men The Age of Extremeswhich covers most of 20th century American and European international politics, is a good read for any one interested in knowing at an intermediate level why things happened the way they did in Euro-US politics. Nevertheless, as the front between capitalism hobsabwm communism congealed “from Stettin to Trieste” as the Cold War set in, the structural changes to Western democracies that came as a result of their wartime shift to the Left remained in place, even in America, where there was no return to classical liberalism.


As Marx well understood, these forces have been the greatest engines for material, technological and scientific progress that mankind has ever seen. Hobsbawm certainl I started at the end, chronologically speaking with this addendum to Eric Hobsbawm’s much admired “Age of” ip. The bird’s eye yobsbawm, and his epilogue, were many of the events hap This book’s only rival known to me in historical writing, is the previous tome of the series: Aug 04, Emil rated it really liked it.

Sep 18, Clif rated it it was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed large parts of his political and military chapters, Secoll may not agree with all of his points but they were interesting nontheless. Ours is no less great.

The Nobsbawm of Extremes: To my surprise, Hobsbawm bemoans the student radicalism of this period which, he asserts, had more to do with anarchism and hedonistic self-indulgence than the classical Marxism it claimed to identify with. So I only read a couple of chapters.

The purview of the historian’s profession has now expanded to encompass the pursuit and articulation of a deeper analysis and explication of the meaning of historical facts re A Not-So-Short Tendentious History of the Short Twentieth Century Historiography has come a long way since the age of positivism, when it was conceived hbosbawm the practice of collating historical “facts” and letting them “speak for themselves”, of telling history “as it happened,” to paraphrase empiricist Leopold von Ranke.

Actually quite an intriguing thought: But some of his passages on art, science and social issues particularly those pertaining to homosexuality were troubling and bordering on reactionary. Well, as I dont like them totalitarian ideas, this history book by a Communist was not very appetising.