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\includegraphics[width=mm, height=mm]{../. results2/html/ (no BoundingBox). I still get the same no BoundingBox error. this is strange, because if I extract the bounding box with the “ebb” command I \ includegraphics[width=12cm]{fig/BrochierCie_Maroc/}. For bitmaps, there exist different flavors: no compression (which . 1. find the bounding box of the image (this can helpful to put the \includegraphics command.

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[pdftex] \includegraphics doesn’t work (no BoundingBox)

How do I convert to PDF format? Cannot determine size of graphic in. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

To do includegraphixs conversion just enter this into your console:.

graphics – No BoundingBox error message – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

But it’s not always the best solution. If your filename includes spaces then put it in double quotes. What wide in cm or inch, if you must do you want the image to have in the printout?

Enable or disable interpolation of raster images by the viewer. This places a graphic that will not float, so it is sure to appear at this point in the document even if makes LaTeX stretch the text or resort to blank areas on the page. Also the technique of reducing the image size affects this a lot. You should remember that the printer has to do half-toning to print your picture.


The width of the picture is urx-llx and the height is ury-lly. For instance, if it has been rotated by then it will have zero height but a large depth.

Could it be that their server is using an old compiler? It seems to depend on the subject matter. The graphic will be shown so its bounding box has this height plus depth.

Run jpeg2ps manually, examine the results in Ghostview or another PostScript previewerand see if the picture is in the lower left corner and is Please check that there is no inclusion of epsfigit is deprecated. When one includegfaphics argument is present then it is [ urxury ] and it gives the coordinates of the top right corner of the image, as a pair of TeX dimensions see Units of length. A very fast solution is to convert the png file into eps format.

It is quite easy to fix this problem. Is the image readable by latex? The rescaled version looks a little blurrier, as you’ve downsampled it with something.

This solved my problem. The software package ImageMagick is used in this case to includegrapbics the images from one form to another. Have I specified the size correctly in the latex file? This is the most interesting part that I wanted to know.

I could not find it here and on the internet. Cannot determine size of graphic Ask Question. Before that, I thought, the bb would be always the same, not depending on the program used for conversion.

Graphics, Images & Pictures

Although the quality of the image will be fine, the size will be horrible. You need to use pdflatex for this. But think about it, the more you tell us the better chance you have. This is the horizontal distance between your left and right margins.


Compiling into pdf works, thanks. But when I submit it online to a scientific journal for publication, it compiles it on the server and sends me the resultant PDF which has all these errors that prevent it from compiling.

IsaacS 1 6. MacTex seems to be more robust than other Tex distributions that I’ve seen. It has four values, giving the lower x coordinate, lower y coordinate, upper x coordinate, and upper y coordinate.

How to fix my Latex problem It is quite easy to fix this problem. Post as a guest Name. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? At least check the compression-box offered to you in the PostScript dialog…. Jpg is lossy, but it seems to fulfill its warranty and only loose things you can’t see. EDIT consequent of an edit in the question: I’ve had the same problems including jpegs in LaTeX. Cause latex only supports vector graphics read: Pick out a subregion of the graphic to show.