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One Year Manual has ratings and 11 reviews. Fr. said: Ostensibly, this manual is the nuts and bolts of what Regardie thought we need to achieve commu. Dr. Israel Regardie Twelve Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment THE ONE YEAR MANUAL First published as Twelve Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment by the. this book is by Israel Regardie. I just wanted to know your opinion/comment on this book anyone going to start this one year manual with me?.

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One Year Manual by Israel Regardie

It doesn’t really matter what kind or what fragrance they give off. Popular Psychology Mind, Body, Spirit: Other procedures may require anywhere from three months to a year before any real mastery or noticeable result is achieved. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. January 15, Rfgardie by: Upon the basis of these gestures of adoration, every act in life may be dedicated in such a way that living itself becomes sanctified and transformed.

As soon as the steam is turned on the engine must run, and as soon as things are before us we must perceive; so a man, to prove that he is not a machine, must demonstrate that he is under the control of nothing.

As a further extension of the technique described here, it would be well to note that all the current experiments with bio- feedback instruments corroborate in every detail the fundamen- tal thesis of this chapter.

This sensation, once acquired — and no further work on this exercise should be continued until it is acquired — now let him return to reflection of the head once more. It will pay optimal dividends in the end.

I suggest that the student obtain some sticks of incense. The student should attempt to acquire the sensation that the interstices between the brain cells are becoming greater, and that the brain is, in a word, becoming sponge-like. Be my mind open to the Higher. Insofar as it was intended to be a manual delineating a course of practical study to extend over a period of at least twelve months, that title seems rather presumptuous.


From the South, extend the arm and in- cense stick and walk, moving to the right, back to the East, completing the circle of the place. What is important beyond all other things is that in the process of watching and observing the random flow of thoughts and feelings there should be no judgment or criticism or self-condemnation.

The student should lie down on a couch on his back, in the formal relaxation position. The whole neck should be dealt with thoroughly. Without this self-awareness, very little can be accomplished on the Path. I suspect that if they really work through the program, by the time they get to the Qabalistic exercises, they’ll be believers in Regardie’s methods.

One discovers soon enough that one can trace every thought to a causative chain extending far back into the past. Visualize and feel intense activity in this pelvic area, until the entire centre feels alive and pulsating with energy. Thus it can be an idea, or a memory of a person who was beloved, or a verse from a poem or a sacred scripture.

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God per- vades every minute cell of the body. Space is a chaos of broken bars: Want to add to the discussion? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Think of it this way: We are concern- ed here solely with the Middle Pillar, the Pillar of Balance situated between the other two columns of Severity and Mercy. Shi Va Ya Om. Now in the present work, the student will make his first tentative exploration into the simplest form of ritual where both subjective and physical activities become combined.


All effort should be gentle and easy; then skill is obtained. In other words, reinforce the original conditioned reflex by renewed exercise.

Types of Occultism Pt. I’ve devoted myself to and devoured all the texts and practices that I’ve come across. Tahuti standeth in His splendour at the prow And Ra-Hoor abideth at the helm.

These gestures will have resulted in the regardle of the Rose Cross symbol all around you, in every cardinal quarter, above and below you. Prayer seems like an inactive duty of the faithful, Magical Rituals serve as active preparations for the Magician: What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

“The One Year Manual” by Dr. Israel Regardie | The Magical Messiah

Briefly, his theory is that by making all the cells in one’s body vibrate in unison, as they do during the rhythmic breath, a powerful electric current of will or spiritual energy is instituted in the body and mind. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

It’s a really good method for you to test your ability to adopt and drop beliefs. Hold the picture firmly in your mind until you begin to sense a warm feeling spreading out from the center of the skull. Each act is done for the beloved, regardless of what it is and no matter how or- dinary or commonplace it may seem. Do the best you can, then improve. No two students are alike. They are merely conveniences and nothing more.