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sleeping-car. Among them Ivan Osokin, a young man about twenty six. Osokin is visibly agitated although he tries not to show it. Zinaida is talking to her brother. Strange Life of Ivan Osokin. Commentary by John Pentland. Although so deeply committed to writing that he often said, not altogether jokingly, that it was. But this evening, typing up my thoughts on P.D. Ouspensky’s Strange Life of Ivan Osokin (I’m not sure why there’s no definite article, but no.

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Lumping them toward the end of the book as a lessons to learn list made me feel as though I was reading for a school course, though in truth it did directly state the author’s intent for writing the book. Osokun maybe the profoundly cyclical nature of early film loops to say nothing of zoetropes and praxinoscopes spoke to him. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Ivab it’s actually quite a quick read.

Retrieved from ” https: Most of his choices are negations, the lack of action, but worse than that is he lives his life over I don’t know if we have free will, I wonder about it, and osoikn are many philosophers and scientists on both sides of the arguments, so I’m not alone. Why, though, would Ouspensky introduce the cinematic element in the first place? Why do our supposed free choices often lead to suffering, and why can’t we freely choose to not suffer instead?

Would I recommend it? Views Read Edit View history. In my opinion, it’s well worth your time.

Strange Life of Ivan Osokin ebook on the Fourth Way – PDF

Snake devouring itself, and a little Finnegans Wake too. Certainly does make the reader think about the monotony of life, and how we really don’t have a choice, but it’s not something I’d live my life by. Kitap bana cok sevdigim birinin tavsiyesi ile ulasti. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


View all 5 comments. Stunningly executed, and no, Groundhog Day does not equate. As a whole I loved the writing, but I felt that the main character made the book so frustrating to read! Kitabin kapagibdaki natulius ve arkasindaki ozet cok dikkatimi cekti.

Most of his choices are negations, the lack of action, but worse than that is he lives his life over and over, between the ages of 14 and 26, without the possibility of changing any outcome. Feb 03, Merve Eflatun rated it really liked it. Why aren’t we all millionaires or astronauts, or whatever? Dec 23, Bojan rated it liked it.

Jul 30, Carl rated it really liked it. Well written and understandable but slow to get to the point. And if you’ve changed careers, or spouses, did you really freely choose these options, or were they simply ever constraining options rather than free choices? But he discovers that because human choices tend to be mechanical, changing the outcome of one’s actions is extremely difficult. It follows the unsuccessful struggle of Ivan Osokin to correct his mistakes when given a chance to relive his past.

Ivan Osokin bids the woman he loves, Zinaida Krutitsky, farewell; she is leaving on a trip to the Crimea and he is not coming, professing his own poverty and in spite of her own frustrations. A rather neat find; the title page to a Russian edition of the novel under its original title.

Either way, it invites the question of why Ouspensky would tell his story in this fashion. Cool tone, very enjoyable and very fast read. Nov 19, michel rated it it was amazing Shelves: Church bells ring for the early mass.

If we have free will to make free choices, why aren’t we all the best reviewer on goodreads? Not a perfect edition of the novel, but I rather like the cover. To see what your osoki thought of this book, please sign up. Oct 31, David Harris rated it really liked it.

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Be the first to ask a question about Strange Life of Ivan Osokin. As mistake leads to misfortune, as opportunities fall away one ivzn one, Osokin struggles futilely against the inevitability of recurrence.


Ivann low four star rating. Ouspensky s novel stubs. To prove this principle, the book should have gone forever in cycles, every time Osokin would come, he would be returned and it would go all over again, there should be no end to it.

The title derives the experience of Ivan Osokin living and then reliving his life again in exactly the same way but with prior knowledge of his past mistakes the second time. The title is an ironic commentary on this experience.

The first sentence of the book follows logically from the last sentence, so you could read it forever. And who was he, anyway? Worse, he can see his own bad osolin coming, but for one reason or another cannot avert them. Nov 30, Sally rated it really liked it Shelves: I just don’t think it was worked well for the novel. I am quite perplexed about what Ouspensky’s main point was. The preaching at the end was justified, since it was sharp and straight to the poin Eh, not altogether bad.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Some, including his close pupil Rodney Collin, say that he finally gave up the system injust before his death, but osookin own recorded words on the subject “A Record of Meetings”, published posthumously ivwn not clearly endorse this judgement, nor does Ouspensky’s emphasis on “you must make a new beginning” after confessing “I’ve left the system”.

Then he lives hi I am quite perplexed about what Ouspensky’s main point was.