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In the final instant of my life, when, to alleviate my thirst I filled my mouth with foul excretions and I released that frightening shriek that is told of my life, when my eyes became fixed and all thought me dead.

As long as I, that is to say, my will, subsisted entrenched in that flesh, I was able to cry out my call to war: He opened the window and breathed to the depths of his lungs the golden breeze of the evening.

Seiscientos sesenta y seis – Hugo Wast – Google Books

Hold it as certain that the Lord will permit the most oppressive temptations, in order that you taboor how little we are worth without His Grace. The garden was wrapped in complete darkness, and in his cell, a strange light appeared together with an insufferable stench.

Despite the tonsure that insulted his arrogant head, when he mounted the pulpit, the people were left astonished and captivated by intense emotion. He read of the tricks by which he attempted to arrange it so that an ecclesiastical burial would not be denied him, which he desired only for the most inexplicable and contradictory vanity.

That day, he had to preach a long panegyric of St. Then he knelt and kissed the sandled feet of the old man.

In order to be present and encourage the final impenitence of such as these, the devil leaves aside every other occupation and enters into the his veins and there is, as it were a transfusion of diabolical pride into the soul of the renegade. Do you not know that when that Name sounds, all the inhabitants of Heaven and Hell must kneel?


Pero la humildad no es natural; es sobrenatural. After many painful occasions in which the monastery of Buenos Aires was close to being closed, on that 30 th of May,six new priests offered their first Mass and among them one already famous for his austerity and his talent.

The rebellion of Lucifer and his angels had not other cause than spiritual self-love. When one of them is weakened, the other does not delay in weakening and everything collapses. When I would think about death it terrified me and I would have given my fortune, my fame and my books in exchange for juaba tiny grain of humility, the seed of repentance.

All that you do in virtue of holy obedience to your rule or to the orders of your superiors is good. What hidden delight there is in the pride tabo inebriated and caused the fall of the third part of the angels! It was not the proper time to explain himself in too much detail, and the old friar prefered to continue speaking in 66 terms.

A loud noise made him open his eyes and he saw through the window that the moon had not yet risen. The burial ceremony having ended, each friar returned to his work, a little sadder and somewhat more alone as well because no novice would replace the one that had died and his cell would be turned into a refuge for vermin and bats.

666 ; Juana Tabor

In the choir were six friars. One after another, like aged oxen, the friars were falling in the furrows of their unfinished task, dying peaceful and edifying deaths, the Angels taking tavor souls to heaven.

Gregory celebrating the ordination in their church of six young priests celebrating their first Mass.

Pluguiera el cielo que no se me hubieran dado tantas gracias. I believed and trembled, knowing that one day we would meet face to face. Miserable wretch that I am!


And He gave me, in return, long life so that I would have time to repent. In order to rest his tired head, that night in his cell, he began to read a book in which was told in detail of the death of Voltaire, foolish and unfortunate man, who, in the frightening trance was more interested in the destiny of his old skeleton, already rotting, than in that of his immortal soul.

You cannot even imagine the torture that this causes me, who only refer to Him as The Infamous One, to adore Him each time that others call Him by His true Name. Sulpice, his parish, and offered to him the rite of retraction, without which no priest had the faculties to absolve him.

I am listening anxiously. But if you were to see the hardness of those who had sinned against the Spirit; of those who had despaired; of the witty who feared not to blaspheme in order to get a laugh; of those who sold out to pride in their final hour; of the apostates.

Do you know of any famous apostate antipopes from Argentina? All that you do contrary to obedience, even to the suffering of martyrdom, is bad. In order to attain his goal, his called his confesor and he consented to sign a document retracting his false doctrines.

For eighty-four years that flesh that was dissolving was my only defense against the Infamous One. Draw Thy sword, O Lord.

But I lived still, scratching at the rotted mud of my flesh, that still for a few seconds more was juaja me from falling into the hands of God.