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I received a system that included the Kaleidescape M Disc Vault that retails for $5,, an M Player ($4,) and a 1U Server ($9,). Convenience like this is costly — alone the Kaleidescape M Disc Vault costs $6, Couple the M with a Blue-Ray server and the cost. Insert your Blu-ray discs and CDs and the M Disc Vault automatically copies them onto your Kaleidescape System. Protected DVDs are not.

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Gone are the days of digging through stacks of DVD cases for the perfect movie night. Cycling through options will allow you to eject all your DVDs at once, all your CDs at once, all discs at once, or all your Blu-Ray discs.

This provides status updates, tells you how many Blu-Ray discs, DVDs, and CDs are in the vault, and also notifies you if you have any issues that may arise, such as a disc being inserted backward. A drop down menu allows you to eject the disc from the vault, and depending on where the disc is in the tray will affect how quickly it ejects, but I found the M pretty speedy at finding and ejecting single discs.

I wasn’t able to test this my demo unit actually had this software on itas I have a plasma in the system I used for this review, though I have seen it in play and it’s pretty cool.

Kaleidescape even monitors hard drive performance and will notify you or your dealer of impending failures. In the older K-scape systems, you could import your DVDs or CDs and remove them yet still access them on your network.



Continue to Page 2. Those lucky enough to have a projector with an anamorphic lens can stay in 2. This is likely one of the coolest features for the mega kalediescape who could program each of their multiple home theaters to have their own dedicated intro. Ken Taraszka January 30, The Blu-ray Disc region code of the integrated M-Class player is set at the time of purchase and cannot be changed by the customer.


An M-Class player is integrated into the M Disc Vault; the disc vault plays the digital copies of movies and music stored on your Kaleidescape System.

Both the M and M kaleeidescape the same connectivity.

You could even upload your own home movies and use the kaleidscape interface to edit home movies for super funny, or embarrassing, shorts for family and friends. It occupies one rack space, thus the name 1U. The M player is also a single rack space in height, The faster speed is a little slow for even the medium sized collection I had on this system and could get frustrating with much larger collections. Video output from the players includes HDMI, component, composite and S-Video while audio options are stereo analog, coaxial and optical digital outputs.

It was great to watch the scenes and be reminded of the plot and many of the funnier scenes as well. The system is so easy to use your grandparents could handle it, even if they can’t figure out email or Facebook. Aesthetics be damned, the Kaleidescape system is designed kaeidescape be rack mounted so other than their front fascias, they’re plain boxes.

The M Disc Vault connects to your home network with an Ethernet cable, and any number of disc vaults can be added to a Kaleidescape System. The loaded disks will be copied automatically onto your Kaleidescape system and will begin to appear in the on-screen display. Loading discs was easy; with the M, you simply slide them in the kaleidecsape and the carrousel does the rest. There is no comparison on this one, Kaleidescape has the fastest movie start up times of any Blu-ray player available – period.


Performance When you have a system like this connected to your home theater you change how you use your system. Insert your first disc into the slot with the label facing to the right. In this system, the hub is the 1U server that has four disc bays and can store up to Blu-rays or DVD videodiscs as well as CDs.

Kaleidescape M Disc Vault With Integrated M-class Movie Player | eBay

Setup could not be easier. It saves the lag time for your lens to slide in and or out for the various kakeidescape ratios.

Browsing discs can be done in one of three ways: The Interface The Kaleidescape system is as easy as an iPod to work yet offers much more flexibility and performance.

Because you don’t really kaleidwscape one. Your item has been added to cart. Up to discs can be loaded into the vault making it easy to import or play your collection of movies and music on disc.

The M weighs 38 pounds empty and 49 loaded with discs.