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“Because those are the rules! Be silent ye shaven donkey! Along the way, ye may choose mystic tokens from the dark stones, which will help ye. Keltis is a board game designed by Reiner Knizia that won the Spiel des Jahres for best game of the year in In the US, it has been marketed as Lost Cities: The Board Game, though there are some subtle rules differences. Idea and Aim. The players use numbered cards to move their figures as far as they can along the paths of stone. On each path the players have to choose.

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Circle The Wagons Game overview. Keltis, although very fast to play, feels a bit old fashioned. The aim of the game is to score more points than your opponent by: A clover gives you an immediate benefit: Media Casual board gaming. Why are modern board games so good?

It can also end if the draw deck runs out. For that purpose, a stone is worth 0. Lost Cities Game overview. Looking for this game? End of the game The game ends immediately when there are no more wishing stones. If you time it right, you can make rapid progress up several tracks in a single turn.

Play our board games now! Have fun on Monday and if you decide to drink a lot of green beer, make sure you have a designated Leprechaun to get your drunken butt home safely.

Dangerous words, but it rarely backfires. On each of the five paths are four dark spaces, which are seeded with the chits before the game begins. Keltis is not exactly full of components. You can play a card in two ways: For a game where you constantly have to scan the other player’s holdings to see what they’ve melded – the squinting got old quickly. Players may choose to advance their tokens along five paths ke,tis nine stones, one path for each suit, by playing cards in an ascending or descending sequence.


Play a card Draw a card But players will sometimes play and draw two cards. I didn’t know about Keltis until I stumbled across the Spiel des Jahres short list forand there it was.

I say this simply because game designs have moved into a different area now, where games like Caylus, Eules of the Earth, Agricola, and the recent Stone Age, seem to be the happening thing. The Board Gamewhich was almost the same game, but slightly different. So, these two series are valid examples: Be silent ye shaven donkey!

Well, Keltis was never released in the United States. What is a meeple? When taking a value chip, two things happen: Keltis Keltiw Game overview. I love the theme and the bits. A path will cost you points if it is not long enough. Each space on the five paths has an associated score value, and the further up the path you make it the higher your score goes.

End of the game The game ends when: It’s not exactly painful on the eyes, but it does tend to stand out on the games shelf.

Level X Game overview. Level X Game overview.

Keltis | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

There are four player colour indicators, and 25 square chits made up of “special stones”, points chits, and clover chits. The initial impression I had on breaking out the game and sorting through the pieces was “Members Only”. Keltis is a straight out grab for points. Keltis feels old school, linear, and possibly a bit bland if you’re enjoying the current crop of new games. There is no obligation to reroll any dice.


Lost Cities Game overview. What is a meeple? Playing only 1 to 3 cards in a color results in negative points for that color. Our games Our dice games. The critical mass issue. Each given path must always be built in ascending or descending order.

Keltis Card – Rules of the card game

We found the colour and value of the cards melded difficult to make out across the table, due to the fact their printed against a grey stone background. Keltis is a quick game – we whipped through two player games in 20 minutes – almost filler category. Finally, the clover tiles allow any pawn on any path to be advanced – these are the most fun, as they ke,tis potentially set up chained moves where other chits are hit, triggering more advances.

I think it’s a fine game, but perhaps try before you buy. Retrieved from ” https: Some paths may be in ascending order while others are in rrules order. There are cards included in the game – the deck is made up of five suits, each suit matching the icons of the keltiis paths on the game board.