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Potential of Patikan Kerbau (Euphorbia hirta) as. Antibacterial on Euphorbia hirta is one of plants which is abundant in the tropical area. Euphorbia maculata, variously called spotted spurge or prostrate spurge, the latter name not to be confused with Euphorbia prostrata, is a fast-growing annual . Flavonoid extracts from Euphorbia hirta were screened for antibacterial activity by “Disc Diffusion Assay.” Minimum inhibitory concentration.

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Euphorbia hirta L.

This plant is often available in large quantities in native drug stores. Euphorbiaceae Famili 1b, 2a: Weed control in cassava in Barinas, Venezuela. Control of weeds, nematodes and soil-borne pathogens by soil solarization. In-vitro antimicrobial activities of Euphorbia hirta Chandra R; Mital VP, mlasifikasi Consumption and utilization of different food plants by Chrotogonus trachypterus Blanch.

Constable and Company Ltd.

Studies of the medicinal plant Euphorbia hirta of the medicinal plant Euphorbia hirta methanol leaf extract Weed control in snap beans. First leaves euphorrbia, in pairs; petiole about 0.

Distribution Table Top of page The klasifikas in this summary table is based on all the information available. Annals of Tropical Research, 8 2: It is an annual plant growing in arable land and disturbed ground. Journal of Root Crops, 14 1: Plant Life of the Pacific World.


Survey, identification and host-parasite relationships of root-knot nematodes occurring in some parts of the Philippines. More information about modern web browsers can be found at http: Hydrolysable tannins can be found in E.

It is a creeping plant with very small leaves and dehiscent fruits Soil-solarization for the control of weeds in Pantanagar. Tergolong dalam biji terbuka. Akar Patikan Kebo Euphorbia hirta merupakan akar tunggang yangditumbuhi bulu-bulu halus pada percabangannya. Produces up to seeds per plant. Balai Pustaka, pp. South Indian Horticulture, 40 2: Plant Disease, 73 1: Seed very small, oblong 0.

The intensity of purple pigmentation was higher in C4 than in C3 species. Hawaiian Sugar Planters’ Association, pp. The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Euphorbia maculata. Bagianpangkal membulat sebelah dan tidak simetris. Generate a print friendly version containing only the sections you need. Indian Journal of Agronomy, 39 3: Barman J; Mehta HM, The World’s Worst Weeds. Ukuran panjang 0, cm danlebar 0,5 cm.


Locascio and Stall, Euphorbia hirta Spesies ReferensiNasution, U. Verlag Paul Parey, pp.

Two klasifikasl species of Chamaesyce Euphorbiaceaenew combinations and key to the Caribbean members of the genus.

Adaptation of semi-desert species to irrigation conditions in Senegal. Leaves opposite, cm long, A short-lived weed that germinates and flowers throughout the year and fruits in less than a month.

Euphorbia helioscopia – Wikipedia

Description Top of page A creeping to ascending, densely hairy, little-branched annual herb, cm tall. It is an alternative host of Cylindrocladium quinqueseptatum [Calonectria quinqueseptata] Sulochana et al. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Taxonbars with 30—34 taxon IDs All stub articles.

Residual effects of weed control treatments koasifikasi to sorghum on mungbean.

Euphorbia Hirta

Gautam and Chauhan, Bulletin of Entomological Research, On the influence of light, temperature, depth of burial and water stress on the germination of selected weed species.

Dan tumbuh memanjang ke dalam tanah namun tidak terlalu panjang. Weeds in the highlands of northern Thailand.