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Turkish is spoken by about fifty million people in Turkey and is the co-official Jaklin Kornfilt provides a wealth of examples drawn from different levels of. Fields, Syntax and morphology of Turkish and the Turkic languages. Institutions, Syracuse University. Influenced, Noam Chomsky. Jaklin Kornfilt is a theoretical linguist, working at Syracuse University. Contents. 1 Education; 2. : Turkish (Descriptive Grammars) (): Jaklin Kornfilt: Books.

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Underhill, RobertTurkish Grammar. Editor for this issue: Whilst Turkish has a number of properties that are similar to those of other Turkic languages, it has distinct and interesting characteristics which are given full coverage in this book. Rumelian, Anatolian and South Crimean.

Jaklin Kornfilt

Forthcoming f with ,ornfilt. In Lewisthis information can be inferred from the discussion of cases on pagesbut it is not so easy to find and not so categorically stated.

Oxford University Press; Psychology Press- Foreign Language Study – pages. There are two main reasons why the book will not be accessible to non-linguistic audiences.

The external genetic relationships of the Turkic family remain controversial. Harrassowitz;with K. The dialect of the earliest Anatolian texts has various features in common with the. In terms of linguistic structure, the Turkic languages are very close to one another, turiish.

First, there is a relatively large number of errors and inconsistencies. References trukish this book Reduplication: Mouton de Gruyter; The morphology chapter contains information not just on inflection and derivation, but also on the uses of the various morphological forms. Its Syntactic Sources and Diversity ; J. The author is aware of some of the errors and has prepared an Addendum which contains a short list of errata, but many of the errors that I found are not included.


Other inconsistencies are found in the bibliography, where some Turkish titles are translated into English and others are not. It is eleven pages long and, used in conjunction with the fourteen-page index, provides easy koornfilt to the an extensive body turkihs information about Turkish.

Thus we find on page the statement that postpostitions govern only one case with the lone exception of ‘kadar’. Within this group, some sources differentiate a subgroup called Osman i.

Jaklin Kornfilt

They are accompanied by a detailed grammatical analysis and English translation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. More than one inhabitant in ten of the formerly Soviet areas is a native speaker of a Turkic language. It seems established, however, that the language of the oldest documents i. He has been working on Turkish and the other Turkic languages for many years, and published the first grammar in English of the Turkic language Karachay.

The Addendum is available tyrkish of charge from the author or the publisher. She has published a descriptive reference grammar of Turkish, and she is currently involved in a theoretically focused project on the syntax of Turkish.


Jaklin Kornfilt

The largest linguistic minority in the Turkish Republic is formed by Kurdish speakers, mainly in southeastern Turkey; small minority language communities are formed by speakers of Arabic, of some Caucasian languages, and, especially in the European part of the country, by speakers of Gagauz, a closely related Turkic language primarily spoken in Moldova.

Uzbek, Kazakh, Turkmenian, Kirghiz and on the Volga e. While many linguists myself included will not mind the short shrift given to these topics, some will no doubt be disappointed that the list of ideophones occupies less than a page and a half. This is often essential information for linguists whether studying typology, syntax, or morphology and is rarely included in more traditional grammars.

Kornfilt, Turkish Editor for this issue: Some of these are listed below: He is presently at work on a comparative syntax of English and Japanese.

This is probably the right choice, given the diverse backgrounds of the probable users of the grammar. Also included is a list of just over items of “Basic Vocabulary,” which seems to correspond to the so-called Swadesh List.