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Les Mamelles de Tirésias (). Work Notes. Opera bouffe en deux actes et un prologue. Text Writer. Guillaume Apollinaire. Publisher. Heugel. Category. Presented as part of Con Opera, the series established by the Conservatorium in , Les Mamelles de Tirésias is a fully-staged production. Francis Poulenc’s Les mamelles de Tirésias (The Breasts of Tiresias): a farce in the form of a comic opera that touches issues surrounding gender equality.

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Lambert ready to throw Huws straight back into team. Guillaume Apollinaire was one a group of poets whom Poulenc had met as a teenager. The Gendarme then jumps to attention to report that because of over-population the citizens of Zanzibar are in danger of dying of hunger.

Poulenc aimed to reflect both the farcical and the serious aspects of the play. Huffman changed things too. I substituted Monte-Carlo for Zanzibar to avoid the exotic, and because Monte-Carlo, which I adore, and where Apollinaire spent the first 15 years of his life, is quite tropical enough for the Parisian that I am.

And also trsias suit the limited space of the Jubilee, Britten suggested a two-piano arrangement which was to be played by the two composers. Bricks thrown tirsisa windscreens as vandals target 22 cars in one night. Heed, o Frenchmen, the lessons of the war And make babies, you who hardly ever make them!

Greif radiated a rich and warm soprano voice, strong and accurate, while her stage presence was mesmerising to say the least.

A visiting Parisian journalist asks how he can afford to feed the brood, but the husband explains that the children have all been very successful in careers in the arts, and have made him a rich man with their earnings. The fortune-teller prophesies that the fertile husband will be a multi-millionaire, but that the sterile gendarme will die in abject poverty. The opera was sung in English in a translation by John Cranko, Colin Graham and Peter Pears with a new performing edition prepared by the soprano Emily Hindrichs who also gave a song-cycle over the weekend in Aldeburgh Church.


The Husband decides to make a journalist son so that he can have more control over the media but that plan falls flat. The critic Jeremy Sams describes the opera as “high-spirited topsy-turveydom” concealing “a deeper and sadder theme — the need to repopulate and rediscover a France ravaged by war.

The gendarme now arrives to report that, because of overpopulation, the citizens of Zanzibar are all dying of hunger. The opera was written in and first performed in And, indeed, he does, overnight he manages to produce over 40, Teenage pedestrian taken to hospital after collision with car.

She claims that her fertile Husband will be a multimillionaire but the sterile Gendarme will die in abject poverty. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. His staging echoed the style of a s black-and-white movie musical and as Poulenc incorporated a number of dance tunes into the score choreographer Zack Winokur added a few vaudeville-type dance routines that showed the cast as snazzy movers!

She put in a thoroughly commanding and effortless performance that thrilled a packed house while Norris equally matched her vocal skills and stage prowess in every conceivable way. Lacouf and Presto return from the dead and express both interest and scepticism. Poulenc started on his score in finishing it in You who hardly ever make them!

They made a good double act and so did American-born tenor Tirias. One appears immediately and looks rather familiar under her mask. Retrieved from ” https: She partially opens her blouse from which her breasts fly out. Lacouf and Presto suddenly return from the dead and express both interest and scepticism in the idea.

Los pechos de Tiresias

The Breasts of Tiresias by Guillaume Apollinaire. With beard, moustache and hat she goes off in a flurry of activity in search of new horizons. After chasing the journalist off, the husband decides to raise a journalist of his own, but is not completely pleased with the results. Rarely performed nowadays and was last produced in Suffolk in A marvellous and entertaining production. Revellers discouraged from going to Primrose Hill to see in Design for the opera, A memorable scene comes about when the Gendarme Johnny Herford arrives on the scene sniffing out a crime but mistakes the Husband for a member of the opposite sex.


Nine top shows at theatres in Suffolk and north Essex in In a short prologue, the theatre director introduces the work, promising the audience a moral piece on the necessity of having children. Meanwhile, a pair of drunken gamblers called Presto and Lacouf affectionately shoot one another and are mourned by the assembled townspeople.

Los pechos de Tiresias – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Off-stage, General Tiresias starts a successful campaign against childbirth and is hailed by the populace. Suffolk schoolgirl to take on mammoth walk for hospice.

Her husband is not pleased by this, still less so when she ties him up and dresses him as a woman. Cosily tucked away in the pit on this occasion were Roger Vignoles and Philippe Riga with Janis Kelly acting as vocal coach.

Articles containing French-language text CS1 maint: Email this article to a friend To send a link to this page you must be logged in. The curtain rises to cries of “Papa!

Poulenc first set Apollinaire’s words to music in his song cycle La Bestiaireand returned to the poet’s work for the choral work Sept chansons To help the situation the Husband decides to enlist the services of a tarot-reading fortune-teller. Big food story Recipes Reviews. With Mme Tirsais approval, Poulenc changed the date and setting from those of the original. Heed, O Frenchmen, the lessons of war and make babies.