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Livin’ On A Prayer. Arranged By Tomi Paldanius Bon Jovi Words & Music by Bon Jovi Standard tuning. = Part 1 1. S-Gt. 0 0 0. 2. 0. 0. 2. 0. 0. 2. 0. (0) (0) (0). Chords for Livin’ On A Prayer Acoustic (Bon Jovi) – by Tomi Paldanius – Hung_Vu. Play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano with interactive chords and diagrams. Livin On A Prayer – Tomi Paldanius – free sheet music and tabs for steel string guitar. Learn this song on Jellynote with our interactive sheet music and tabs.

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Originally Posted by TomiPaldanius I would love to see classical education to progress more. Here is the link to the video: User Name Remember Me? Have studies of Music Science at the university etc. Tomi also plays and arranges everything by ear like Tommy.

I used to play with paldnaius banjo player in a five piece, and one day he said to me – “the solo that you just played was quite different to how you played it last week – which is right? I loving read music well Haven’t read music past 6 years.


Some people are what I call “technicians” and can cope with breaking down a tune or instrumental into visual terms, and will tpmi until it is “as written” and some of us are dare I say more instinctive. It should be other way around. The verdict was “Get the original score” or “Do you think you are better than the composer? Teaching experience with music institutes and privately 20 years.

Thanks for your insight and experiences. I dont get it ,i want to play Beethovens 5th, what should i rely on?

Musicians who can’t use their ears have no business being musicians I want to say that in classical music education ear training is very important thats why they teach it!!!! Fingerstyle guitarist from Finland, Tomi Paldanius plays his music with acoustic solo guitar where melody, chords, bass and even solos are all played piving at once.


You are kind of there but you are not. Find all posts by Silly Moustache. I taught 10 years with books and not even one of my students made it to the “professional” level. Not by the rulebook but the way I enjoy.

And especially because now we have access to the actual music. I use the phrase “You know many things but you don’t know what to do with them”.

Everything felt much more honest and natural. For example you know I-IV-V chord progression but you are not able to play a lot of songs with it. YouTube and internet changed and shaped my whole life. You do the math.

Story from changing from TABS to EAR PLAYING only. – The Acoustic Guitar Forum

More about Tomi in social media. I like both kinds. Only the rhythm and feel was the issue. Foundation for his clean playing style is thanks to his classical guitar teachers Risto Vuorinen, Timo Korhonen and Ismo Eskelinen.

(Bon Jovi) Living On a Prayer – Sungha Jung & Tomi Paldanius

All the same stuff they play at concerts today also. Think about how great it would be if teacher gives actual music for example short phrase of Mozart to the student and says that learn this for next week.

Originally Posted by Paikon Wellyou talked about ear training when Solfege and Dictee are the ear training courses of conservatories and music schools. They didn’t become masters by paper. Payer 1 of I had to ask from myself “Do I want ppaldanius be good or not and what I need to do to be great?

I simply don’t “see” music in terms of dots or numbers on paper – I do “see” it in my head – some sort of personal synaesthesia perhaps, but I wonder paldaniuss all those pldanius like Stefan Grossman and Dave Bromberg who sat at the feet of Rev Gary Davishad tablature or notation given to them by the rev? I’ve learned something which connects everyone one of them: What a waste of hearing sense development. Well anyway by talking with the greatest players: Some people seem to be terrified initially of working with the ear alone.


If you have any questions, I am happy to help. I hope my story will help you paldaanius see things differently and learn what are the benefits developing the ear playing skills.

Livin’ On A Prayer

This is my first topic here and while reading few topics I wanted to put little thoughts here. Originally Posted by JonPR.

I played the difficult stuff and have some recordings I can share if you want? Wellyou talked about ear training when Solfege and Dictee are the ear training courses of conservatories and music schools. Something was still missing. I’ve been teaching this skill to online students 1 year now and many have learned it and most of the students have changed their approach to learning totally.

I studied music a lot from books back in paldqnius day. Hi Tomi, Prater post, and I’m in agreement with you.

I saw a Axis Of Awesome video posted somewhere and actually I did similar inspired by them. Sadly it is a piece of paper with dots, numbers. I have the video about the expression here: What I’ve done before I can learn fast because music repeats itself often. And out from the classical tradition I don’t know even one single great performing guitar player who plays from tabs.