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English Translation Maktubat e Imam Rabbani Volume 3. Maktub | https:// What is nature of. Selections from Maktubat-i Imam Rabbani(Rah): Abd-Alla al Sufi Irshad Alam of Bangladesh had translated a lot of letters in a better English. English translation of Maktubat Imam Rabbani (selective ) | Mujaddid Alf sani | Sheikh Ahmad sirhindi. [email protected] 1 | 2 | 3 | 4.

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In any case, all the awliyaa of the time, were below his feet. On their faces are their marks, being the traces of their prostration. Three volumes were compiled, as detailed below: This site uses cookies. Indeed then, everlastingness is either in heaven rabgani hell. Maktubat is the common term referred to the letters of Sufi sheikhs and scholars. Are realities of contingent beings are the nothingness es according to the MujaddidPak?

Maktubat of Imam Rabbani

What caution The MujaddidPak wrote in the englieh of this Maktub 3. The damnation of Allah and His angels befalls the face of such a satan who ventures out to corrupt the englis of Muslims, notwithstanding simultaneously slandering and waging war against a noble waliyy of His! But it should be known that this mandate is specific to the awliyaa of that time. Wikiquote has quotations matkubat to: As the Quran says: What is valid and most top effective element to earn closeness of Allah?

Should I not inform you of the people of the fire? How many levels the contingent world has?

There is no need for giving something its own nature, or for anybody to give it, for everything has its nature in itself. Is spiritual progress by troubles is more special than the progress without hardships?


– Maktubat Imam Rabbani (Shaykh Ahmed Sirhindi)

Sahih Muslim, Ahmad, and others. Time is dominated BY them. Indeed Allah keeps an enemy i. It is far beyond any witnessing, senses, feelings, rabbxni, visualization, unveiling and illusion. This book is a classical and most venerated book of Sufism that covers classical Sufism, the methodologies, beliefs and practices of Islam and many other spiritual secrets on the Higher Realities Haqaiq of Islam.

May Janab-i-Haqq reward you for your efforts! Is darkness too is required to manifest the light?


What is the reality of believe haqiqat-e-iman? Can love takes the aspirant to those stations where knowledge cannot reach? Are realities of things are something which are properly created? How senseless are they! Maktubat Sheikh Ahmed Sirhindi have been translated in many languages.

What is that special factor which creates clear distinction between the stations of noble elders and approaches of scholars who have just outer knowledge?

What amazing series of treasures were attained by The Mujaddid Pak due to kindness of Allah swt? The Maktubat of Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi are indeed the most popular among the letters of sufi sheikhs. Are annihilation fana and abidingness baqa are among the attributes of inner batin and while in real they have none of the connection with the outer?

It was spiritually manifested through kashf that these people shall neither stay everlastingly in paradise nor hellfire. Three volumes were compiled, as detailed below: He makes a general statement saying that there is a possibility of salvation outside of Islam and he attributes it to the noble Imam Al-Ghazali may Allah sanctify his secret. This book is a classical and most venerated book of Sufism that covers classical Sufism, methodologies, beliefs and practices of Islam and many other spiritual secrets.

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Maktubat Sheikh Ahmed Sirhindi have been translated in many languages. Who deserves the right of being worshiped and why? All those rewards which will be given to the common believers in hereafter, the same rewards become available for the friends of Allah swt even in this world?

What are amazing returns and rewards of special closeness of Allah? What are losses and evil outcomes of calumny buhtan and fabricated lies? Both these phrases then, are necessarily heavy on the scales, as their repetition is the cause of sins being eliminated, and they are beloved to Ar-Rahman [i.

How can we establish the level of closeness on the basis of shadowed things and their realities? The manner of expression in the hadith expresses nothing BUT disdain and unacceptance of jews and christians. Then if they believe as you believe, they would have attained guidance; and if they turn back, then they are in pure schism; then [o beloved Prophet] Allah shall suffice you against them, and He is All-Hearing All-Knowing.

Shaykh Muhammad Mazhar Mujaddidi Naqshbandi d.